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I already have a CPA. How can you still help me?
We have no problem working with your trusted advisors, whether it’s your attorney, CPA, or financial advisor. In fact, many of our clients have other trusted advisors – we just help provide structure to your financial life which allows those professionals to do their jobs better.
How much will this cost me?
Our fees are based on the level of transaction activity your business generates. We offer many different payment arrangements for your convenience. Give us a call for a free consultation today!

What are the benefits of working with you?
There are many benefits to working with us on your accounting. We guarantee that you will:

  1. Reduce the possibility of theft or embezzlement within your company
  2. Be prepared for your year-end or monthly meetings with your CPA to prepare your taxes
  3. Reduce your taxes owed because timely prepared accounting records allow you to be more aggressive and proactive in tax planning
  4. Be able to know at a moment’s notice how your business is doing
  5. Be able to free yourself to focus on revenue-generating activities
  6. Have more free time to enjoy the things in life that are important to you

I already use Quickbooks myself, why should I hire you?
Well, unless you are a bookkeeper or accountant, every minute you spend working on your own accounting is costing your business. Leave this to the professionals that do it for a living. The cost is not only in actual dollars, but it is also costing you opportunity. By trying to do this yourself, you are limiting the amount of time you could be using to grow, manage, or nurture your core business.

Do you also prepare tax returns, audits, or provide payroll services?
We do not prepare tax returns, perform financial statement audits, or provide payroll services, but we can provide referrals for professionals who can assist with these services. This allows us to focus on our bookkeeping and accounting services. We feel this gives you the benefit of specialization and our attention to detail. We are not a one-stop shop and do not recommend it to our clients. For example, look at the recent banking meltdown where many people suffered because they had their retirement, checking, savings, insurance, mortgage, and their children’s education funds at the same bank. Give us a call and let us show you the benefit of specialization.

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